Raising successful children while excelling in your career & relationships.

Together, we create a seamless synergy between nurturing successful children and advancing in your career, empowering you to thrive in both domains.

Elevating EQ through the integration of NLP techniques is a powerful approach that empowers working parents to cultivate success in both their children and careers. By leveraging NLP, parents can enhance their communication, empathy, and relationship-building skills, enabling deeper connections with their children.

Simultaneously, NLP teaches us strategies for effective time management, goal setting and motivation, ensuring they can excel in their professional endeavours.

This harmonious blend of EQ and NLP not only nurtures successful children but also propels parents toward fulfilling career growth, creating a balanced and thriving family dynamic.


Integrate Career & Parenting. Leveraging emotional intelligence for better relationships at home and at work.

(Parents pain : Fights with children, their problems, inability to communicate freely with children without triggering them. Prayer is a wish that they could be friends with the child )

(Parents pain : Feel so tired and stressed. wish they had just 5 minutes to themselves to put their feet up. Blessed with beautiful children but worry is they do not communicate too well. Children get triggered when parents try to talk.)

(Children’s pain : Oh– Everything is so overwhelming . No one understands me. I just need some space. I want to have some peace of mind. I want to cut myself oh but i have friends who love me a lot. They have helped me through so much, I don’t want to hurt them. But i just want to be myself and not be judged. I have so much home work to do as well oooof….! The world is such an unforgiving place. it’s so sad. At least i wish my parents could understood me.)

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