In 2006, at the peak of my business career, I began to feel a void in my life. Despite outward appearances of success, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. I questioned why I had this strong sense of lacking when others would envy my life. I had all the comforts one could ask for – good health, a respectable family status, and children attending prestigious schools. What more could I ask for?

But deep down, I realized that these material comforts were not able to connect my body, mind, and soul. I yearned for something more, and thus began my quest for something more. I attended numerous spiritual workshops; I was eager to learn different practices and I sought guidance from various mentors. I was in a rush, hoping to find answers quickly.  Through this journey, I discovered that  there are no quick fixes.

All practices are valuable in building one’s confidence & one’s ability to recognize the power within ourselves. To experience it firsthand one must step out of one’s comfort zones and explore beyond the current boundaries.

Each of us is unique, yet we are all interconnected. We are threads woven together in the same fabric; supporting one another as the fabric grows longer. I aspired to become a strong thread, supporting others, but it took me a decade to achieve what I desired. My involvement in business and NGOs often diverted my attention from my social responsibility of simplifying and sharing what took me years to learn.

I wanted to provide the capsules of wisdom that I have acquired over years to those who also think that there is something missing in their lives. Our busy day to day work routine often leaves little time for us to self-reflect upon ourselves. We lose precious moments every day.

I want to tell you my personal truth. I have reached an age where I can see clearly that the positive aspect of life is to recognize the missing part of my life in time for me to improve.

Our body, mind, and soul are not separate entities; they are interconnected. Yet, we tend to treat them as distinct entities. Each one has its own unique needs, which we often neglect until time slips away. Once the body, mind, and soul grow distant from each other, it becomes a challenging task to reunite them. Then it requires significant effort and time.

I coach and train other facilitators to empower more lives. I don’t have a specific strategy to reach the masses. I believe that if the Divine has chosen me for this beautiful work, then Veerangna will naturally evolve into a mighty tree of empowerment.

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